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Letter writing

Why letter writing? In the age of the Internet and instantaneous communication, why would anyone write a letter? Why not e-mail an inquiry or tax a response? Why not leave phone orders on a voice recognition system? The answer is not simple. The answer involves accountability and documentation. It involves the idea of getting things […]

Grammar rules for cover letter writing

As mentioned earlier, your cover letter must be completely free of errors in grammar and spelling. That’s because it is the reader’s first impression of who you are, what you can do, and your level of professionalism. Always use clear, concise language and avoid repeating words. Avoid beginning more than one sentence with the same […]

Cover letter

Cover letter Your cover letter can follow any of the general formats, but most important, it must always include the following elements: 1. Cover letter. Who you are: Your name, address, telephone number with area code, and E-mail address, if available. 2. Cover letter. Why you’re sending the employer the cover letter. State clearly your […]