Custom writings on Importance of BATNA in Negotiation

Shell (2006) demonstrates that “The BATNA should be an assessment of your present business assessment. It forms the basis for your strategy and informs your action plan — but the BATNA is itself an essentially static description or snapshot of your organization’s assets, liabilities, capabilities and resources. It has numbers and time. It is a cold-blooded assessment of your organizations health- and is completely independent of the outcome of the negotiation you are planning. That’s the whole point. If you think your BATNA is ‘if we don’t get this deal than we’re screwed’ then your REAL BATNA is ‘we’re screwed’. That’s the whole point of the exercise – to know how bad your worst-case scenario really is.” Describing an example of negotiation process I want to say about car salesman who wants sell a car to customer for the best price for a salesman. It is not an easy process and different factors should be taken into account. During the car sale it is necessary to be sure that you have the best commodity, in our case it is a car, because people at first look at the car and then on the person who sell it. The next step is full credibility between car salesman and customer, because from this moment they are two parts of one process in what both of them are interested in. The result of negotiation is directly depends on salesmen’s skills and knowledge. According to Requejo and Graham (2008) there were used next techniques: “When developing a BATNA, a negotiator should to brainstorm a list of alternatives that could be considered if the negotiation failed to deliver a favorable agreement: select the most promising alternatives and develop them into practical and attainable alternatives and identify the most beneficial alternative to be kept in reserve as a fall-back during the negotiation.”

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In our case negotiator act in accordance with his well-considered plan and emphasize that the most important aspect is not only to sell a car but to demonstrate its advantages for a customer and make him to buy it with great pleasure. In my opinion it is right position to help in making decision and don’t suppress customer. Analyzing case of negotiation we can see that a basic task of sale of the car is understanding and decision of a buyer problem. Person wants to buy a car for his money and not only to buy a car but also buy for this money right decision in its choice. This choice looks like a free moving in space in comfort time, possibility to do it with comfort, with a conditioner et cetera. Craftsmanship of negotiation is a talent that consists in correct understanding of buyer’s dream and opportunity to sell an exactly that machine which indeed needs this concrete person, but not simply any car.
For the conclusion it is necessary to say that every negotiator should be able to include all important parts of negotiation process and remember about importance of BATNA in negotiation. We should remember that as well as in any system, there are key elements in business. So, in any business such key element is negotiation. And, being part of the system, negotiation has a result for their object, providing the primary objective of business – income.

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