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Final Research Paper: Drug Trafficking in the United States

It is known that drug trafficking is one of the most important issues for our society, and it requires prompt solution not only in the United States but also in other countries of the world. According to the statistical data, today, thousands of people are considered to be the true drug abusers who cannot imagine […]

Buy research paper on Financial Crisis in Greece

It is important to mention that the events in Greece raised fear that they would have a domino effect and spread to other countries, including outside the euro zone. European leaders in their numerous meetings were forced to admit that the budget crisis in Greece lost its purely European sounding. As a matter of fact, […]

Custom research paper Gun Control isn’t Crime Control

How many shootings at malls will it take before we finally realize that persons who plan to kill are not deterred by gun laws? Murder is against the law in all states and countries. Nobody intent on massacre will be stopped by the fear of committing a lesser crime, like illegal ownership of a handgun. […]

Custom research paper Health Theories

In this paper I’m going to research a very common health problem which is substance-abuse behavior. In my opinion, the substance-abuse behaviors such as consumption of alcohol and drugs despite their physical dependence nature may be cured with the social interference. The first theory – the individual level theory – that will be researched is […]

Custom research paper on Hinduism to Jainism

Hinduism includes a range of different philosophical positions, – greater than any other religion, – and it honors the representatives of each of these positions to this day. One teacher praises the devotion as the highest path, while the other, ignoring the devotion, says the liberation may come only after the illusory visibility of the […]

Custom research paper on How Do Motivation and Communication Relate to Team Productivity and Conflict Resolution?

The company develops internal communication as a part of the strategic development of the organization. In fact, the internal communication turns out to be strategically for the organization. In this regard, the organization has proved to be quite effective and successful. Employees working in the organization have positive interpersonal relationships and the risk of conflicts […]

Custom research paper on Imperialism and the World War I

Imperialists of all countries are to be blamed for the preparation of the World War I. However, the main leading imperialist conflicts that hastened the outbreak of the war, was the English-German contradiction. Each of the imperialist powers, entering into a world war, pursued its expansionist goals. Germany sought to defeat England, deprive it of […]

Custom research paper on International marketing

Marketing Plan Ruskin-Brown (1999, p.24) claims that the major purpose of marketing plan is the coordination of team efforts, organization of all resources, including finance, defining of time and place of the marketing efforts appliance. These overall combined efforts should lead to the desired result for the company-manufacturer. The product is the healthy eco-friendly food […]

Buy research paper on Intervention in Libya

Military intervention in Libya was illegal and it is confirmed by numerous facts. The UN Charter prohibits intervention, and the UN Security Council resolution on Libya could not all it. The principle of noninterference in the internal affairs of countries is enshrined not only in the UN Charter, but also in the Declaration on the […]

Buy research paper on Leadership Biography Assignment Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi and His Leadership Philosophy

Gandhi’s return to India and further development of his leadership style In 1915, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi returned to his native country. Immediately, he was involved in the process of formation of the Indian National Congress which became a mass movement. Everybody noticed his simple style which consisted of a white loin cloth, a white shawl, […]