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Buy research paper: Problems of induction. Hume’s and other approaches.

In his “Critique of Pure Reason” Immanuel Kant offered another response, expressed in his synthetic apriori statement theory. The term of a synthetic apriori statement includes statements, being not able to prove a suggestion on their own and having no empirical confirmation, are also correct (for example, “Every event has a cause” – this statement […]

Buy essay: Research Methods

The development of international trade stimulated researchers to study its impact on national economies since, today, many countries tend to the closer integration in the world economy and elimination of fiscal barriers that leads to the encouragement of trade between countries. In such a situation, free trade agreements became an essential part of the international […]

Buy an essay: The research of the interdependence of consultancy and innovations and their effects on the development of business

The research of the interdependence of consultancy and innovations and their effects on the development of business implies the in-depth analysis of the contemporary business environment, development of modern organizations, basic economic, social and technological changes, customer behaviour and existing researches related to the subject of the current study. In this respect, it is important […]

Buy an essay: Marketing Research Questions

The marketing research questions should focus on the subject of the research and meet the goal of the research. At the same time, the research questions should be accurate and allow respondents to give answers fast and accurately. Question 1 – A university computer center survey on SPSS usage – focuses on the experience of […]

Buy research paper: Organizations, Systems and Strategies

Henry Ford was one of the prominent engineers and businessmen of his time. His contribution in the development of the modern industry and car manufacturing can hardly be underestimated. Moreover, Henry Ford was the person, who defined the historical development of the world economy and capitalism making the mass production a part of the modern […]

Custom research paper on The death penalty is Immoral

It is materialism, which is not even able to put the question of the meaning of life, materialism, which is not even able to distinguish life from death at the conceptual level (both are “motion of matter”), it is materialism which convulsively clings to life, and scared to think about death, though it sees no […]

Buy research paper: Business Report. The country situation

On entering new market and developing production facilities in a new market, it is necessary to take into consideration the current situation in the country. This is particularly important in relation to developing countries such as India and China because the economy and political life of developing countries is traditionally less stable than that of […]

Buy research paper: Crime, Criminology and Policing

Drugs and alcohol abuse influence the decision-making when it comes to crime commitment. This gives people greater courage to crime. Substance abuse causes “stranger violence”, meaning groundless aggression towards a potential stranger victim. Criminologists estimate that alcohol or drug abuse in the majority of cases results in violent crimes, such as murders, sexual assault or […]

Buy research paper: Criminological Research Paper – White Collar Crime

White collar crimes are not easy to detect and control, consequently, a great number of them exist despite the measures departments and agencies take in order to prevent and control them properly. Combating white collar crime is a serious task for the nation, all consumer complaints should be centralized and information received from different sources […]

Buy term paper: Criminological Research Paper – White Collar Crime

According to the data of Criminal Law: Felonies and White Collar Crime article, white collar crimes are difficult to prosecute and carry lesser penalties as they are non-violent. However, there is a trend towards stricter punishment for white collar crimes, as the awareness of their impact on society becomes more and more evident. As for […]