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Bulls, W.K. (2007). Leading by example: A soldier’s stories. Business Communication Quarterly, 70(3), 374-377. (ERIC Document Reproduction Service No. EJ798389). Retrieved on September 25, 2009 from ERIC database. The author researches the leading by example as the mainstream leadership style. In this regard, the profound research and analysis of leading by example is the major […]

Custom essays: Plant-associated bacteria

Speaking about the bacterial interaction with plants, it is primarily necessary to underline the fact that there are a lot of plant-associated bacteria, which closely interact and intertwined with plants. They produce a profound impact on their functioning and development and, what is more, this impact is often mutual. In other words, the interaction between […]

Buy term paper: Business Report

The contemporary business environment forces many companies to enter new markets and start business in different parts of the world. In such a context, the strategy of the international market expansion seems to be logical and rational. At any rate, it is obvious that to maintain the competitive position in the market and keep growing […]

Buy an essay on Information technology

According to the determination accepted UNESCO, information technology is a complex of associate, scientific, technological, engineering disciplines, studying the methods of effective organization the labor people of, who make the processing and storage of information; computing technique and methods of organization and co-operating with people and production equipment, their practical applications, and also related social, […]

Buy essay on Formal legal equality and social equality of women in modern Australia

The book relevant to my topic, the formal legal equality and social equality of women in modern Australia, is: 1. Summers, A. (2003). The End of Equality: Work, Babies and Women’s Choices in 21st Century Australia. Random House Australia. 2. Woollacott, Angela. (2001). To Try Her Fortune in London: Australian Women, Colonialism, and Modernity. Oxford […]

Custom research paper on Leader Core Competencies of Eisenhower, Patton and Bradley in The Day of Battle by Rick Atkinson

General Patton’s life was a struggle. From his early childhood he dreamed of becoming a general and, all in all, succeeded and managed to make his dream true. He was sure that only knowing the history it was possible to be a military person; that is why he had a huge library of military history. […]

Buy an essay The USA Patriot Act of 2001

The USA Patriot Act was signed by George Bush on October 26, 2001. Being a response to the terrorist attacks on September 11, the Act was supposed to strengthen the security of the American territory and population but instead it caused heated disputes, concerning numerous changes of American law, and consequently constitutional challenges. The acronym […]

Custom essays on Ronald Reagan Biography

In 1975 Reagan declared his intention to challenge Gerald Ford as the candidate from the Republican Party for the presidential elections, however he lost the contest. In charge of Reagan’s presidential campaign was Michael K.Deaver, who worked with him before during the times, when he was governor of California. Deaver founded the company – Deaver […]

Buy an essay on BELL JAR: LOLITA

Making my way through long lines of bookshelves in the library two of books caught my eye. They were “Bell Jar” by Sylvia Plath and Vladimir Nabokov’s “Lolita”. Both of them are good for arguing about. I decided to read them and analyze in order not to be lost in thoughts. This at first glance […]

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Copenhaver, Eric, Robert Frost Out Loud. Audio Recordings and Texts of Robert Frost Poetry. 2005. <> The website presents a collection of Robert Frost’s poems from “A Boy’s Will”, “North of Boston” and “Mountain interval”. The author provides readers with an effective way of learning the poetry by enjoying the sound, as they may browse […]