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Custom essays on Letter of Awareness of PMS

The reality of the Premenstrual Syndrome is often argued to the extent that the fact of the existence of the syndrome may be totally denied. However, in actuality, the Premenstrual Syndrome does exist and may cause significant problems for women forcing to change their traditional lifestyle. In fact, it should be said that about 80% […]

Custom essays on Appeal Letter

The role of education can hardly be underestimated in the contemporary world. In the age of the domination of information technologies and unparalleled scientific progress, education plays determinant role on the labor market and defines career and life opportunities of each individual. In this respect, a business degree seems to me particularly significant because it […]

Buy an essay on Appealing Letter

Often we make errors, without even thinking about their consequences. These mistakes can change our life totally, but sometimes, paradoxically it sounds, errors are helpful. At any rate, errors I have already made me change my perception of life and my personal views on myself, my future and my family. In fact, I have not […]

Application Letter

I am writing to apply for the nurse position, advertised in Newsweek. I was delighted to see the opening for this job as I have been searching for it for several months. I am sure that with my experience and skills I can become a valuable employee in the hospital and contribute much to the […]

Custom essays on A letter to the editor

Several days ago I have heard about an awful Juárez massacre. I can’t stay indifferent to this tragic event in our society and I want to express you my opinion. I have read an article “Juárez massacre: Football players, honor student among 16 victims” by Adriana Gómez Licón & Daniel Borunda. This article describes this […]

Letter custom essays

Dear aunt, I have been really shocked on receiving the e-mail from you and I really hope that my cousin’s case won’t grow too serious. Also I hope that my knowledge in biology may be really helpful in the treatment of my cousin. Actually, I am not surprised that his doctor is recommending that he […]

The Purloined Letter essay paper

In the beginning of my paper I would like to say that I like the story The Purloined Letter written by Edgar Allan Poe and that is why it is necessary to talk about it with some details. Thinking about two possible themes for discussion I have chosen the letter as the forth subject of […]

Letter of Intent essay

The importance of education is obvious nowadays. Rapid development of the society and constant competition of people in order to get a good job and to achieve high places require high level of knowledge and college diploma. Unfortunately, today we observe that despite the democratic development of the country, education is not available for each […]

Letter writing

Why letter writing? In the age of the Internet and instantaneous communication, why would anyone write a letter? Why not e-mail an inquiry or tax a response? Why not leave phone orders on a voice recognition system? The answer is not simple. The answer involves accountability and documentation. It involves the idea of getting things […]

Cover letter format

The following cover letter examples arc set in a basic font (Times New Roman) that prints at 12 characters per inch (12 cpi). You may prefer other fonts such as Arial or Courier New. The choice is yours but avoid any fancy choices that may be difficult to read. The sample letters that follow arc […]