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Custom essays: Realities and forecast concerning free trade

Until recently, these disturbances were related to only blue-collar workers: only conveyor production not requiring highly skilled workers were transferred outside the U.S.A. But now the new trend is marked: white-collar jobs are being washed away from the U.S.A. – corporations prefer to hire foreign skilled professionals. According to the forecasts by Gartner, in 2004, […]

Buy an essay: Problematic issues of free trade policy

The main instruments in carrying out the policy of free trade are the IMF, Treasury Department of the US and the WTO, which have developed a code of free trade applicable in practice. The code was not intended for use in the U.S., but in other countries. However, the problem is that other countries can […]

Buy an essay: Is Free Trade Fair?

Arguments against free trade The main question here is what arguments can be advanced in support of restrictions on free trade. First, it is the protection of industries related to national defense. If foreign competitors dominate in these industries, then these industries may be in a difficult position during the war (Love, and Lattimore, 2009, […]

Custom essays: Is Free Trade Fair?

Introduction. Notions of free trade and protectionism Free trade is a trend in the economic theory, policy and business practice that proclaims the freedom of trade and non-interventionism of the state into the private business sectors of society. In practice, the free trade usually means the absence of high export and import duties, as well […]

Custom essays on The Ideas of Aristotle about the State and Political Freedom

Aristotle as a student of Plato continued working with his theory and according to the social building of that time developed a theory that was corresponding to the development of socio-political structure in Ancient Greece. Further development of the state cities caused empowerment of slavery. That actually produced a serious impact on the development of […]

Buy an essay: Aristotle’s and Plato’s conception of the state and political freedom

Plato and Aristotle are among those Ancient Greek philosophers who produced great impact on the formation of the basis state theory and the theory of political freedom. Their concepts have lots of similarities but the same time certain differences. It is essential that the student follows the works of his teacher and provides improvement and […]

Buy an essay on America – the land of the free?

Healthcare system in America is widely discussed topic. It is well-known fact that healthcare in America not available for many Americans and parents even having to go through extreme actions to protect their children. Healthcare in America differs from other countries by the level of medical, political, social and economic development. I can’t to confirm […]

Custom college essays on Free trade agreement between US and Korea

The Republic of Korea has planned to reform a program of government for pharmaceutical compensations have become one of the principal discussed points. The ‘positive list’ of medicine for which the government will supply people was set up (Hongbowon. 2006. p. 57). US pharmaceutical producers worry that a lot of their drugs may not be […]

Custom writings on Free trade agreement between US and Korea

In 2007, trade with countries with which the U.S. has free trade agreements, was much greater than a global economy part: despite comprising 7.5% of global GDP (not including the U.S.), those countries accounted for over 42% of U.S. exports. On the 2nd of February 2006, the Trade Representative of the USA expressed his wish […]

Custom essays on Free trade agreement between US and Korea

A free trade agreement is a pact between two or more countries in which they establish a free trade area where commerce in services and goods can de conducted across their borders without tariffs, quotas, fees and taxes, but labor and capital may not move freely. The purpose of FTA is to allow faster and […]