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Custom Descriptive Essay

During our lives we meet thousands of people and there are always such people, who leave indelible impression after communicating with them. They are able to influence our opinions, our decisions and even general life positions. Sometimes we remember such persons from our early childhood, in other cases we meet them much later in our […]

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When I was a child I thought that my best friend would be another child like me. I started to think differently when I spent more and more weekends during the school year and several weeks during the summer with my Grandpa. Frankly speaking, at first, I did not like the idea of spending my […]

Descriptive Statistics term paper

Descriptive statistics are mathematical methods that summarize and interpret some of the properties of a set of data (sample) but do not infer the properties of the population from which the sample was drawn.[1] Descriptive statistics are merely descriptive and do not involve any generalizing beyond the data at hand. Some descriptive statistics are shown […]

Descriptive Essay

An essay of description relies on imagery to be successful. Your readers are dependent on your words alone in order to see, hear, smell, taste, or feel your subject. For example: The unexpected spring storm sent sharp pellets of rain onto my face, forcing me to swallow the droplets as I panicked and screamed for […]

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DSM IV TR is the major manual used by healthcare professionals, mainly by mental health professionals. In spite of its popularity, it is the object of severe criticism from the part of many healthcare professionals, who believe that the diagnosing and the approach to the diagnosing used in DSM IV TR are not effective and, […]

Custom term paper on Quantitative methods in marketing research

The research of advertising and marketing will naturally involve the use of the existing researches dedicated to this problem because both concepts are analyzed and researched in details and it is possible to find the recent trends and basic information in the impact of advertising and marketing on customers from a variety of researchers. However, […]

Buy an essay on Analyse Coleridge’s poems “This Lime-Tree bower my Prison” and “Kubla Khan”. How was imagination shown?

Samuel Taylor Coleridge is one of the most outstanding representatives of the Romantic period whose poetry mirrors basic values and traditions of Romanticism. The Romantic poetry traditionally paid a lot of attention to the harmony between humans and nature and such inclination of the Romantic poetry to the balance of humans and nature contributed to […]

Buy an essay on Statistical analysis and measurements

The importance of statistical analysis and measurements for research can hardly be overestimated. For social sciences this statement is true as well. Proper data processing and analysis are key elements for any quantitative research and for determining causal relations between variables (Agresti & Finlay 1997, p.24). The purpose of this essay is to describe the […]

Custom essay on Discuss how an organization may improve the validity and reliability of selection interviews

Interview is a qualitative method, i.e. the emphasis is on the quality of descriptions, nuances, differences, rather than on collecting quantitative data (Edenborough, 2007: 136). Therefore, the interviewer should focus on neutral issues, implying descriptive answers, but shouldn’t ask questions about the reasons of candidate’s action and deeds, giving an employee a chance to explain […]

Buy essays online: Methods of Absenteeism Study

The use of different approaches when studying the problem of absenteeism in the call centers assumes the use of different methods. Generally, all methods are divided into two general categories. These categories include quantitative and qualitative methods. Quantitative methods are used for specific measuring and data collecting. Quantitative methods usually strive for certain, exact information […]