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Reason Essay Outline

Reason essay: employs reason paragraphs to explain an event, perspective, or incident Reason Essay Outline

Basic book report

Basic book report: employs three basic paragraphs that introduce the main characters, explain the overall idea and plot, and give a personal opinion of the literature. Example Edited Basic Book Report Organizer Basic Book Report by: Student Name Title: The War With Grandpa Book Report Introductory Paragraph (Information) Topic Sentence: The practical jokes Peter Stokes […]

Book report

Students familiar with writing the various types of expository essays and persuasive essays are ready to compose book reports. Instruction for writing book reports follows the same process used for writing essays. The Book report requires students to state a reaction to, or opinion of, a book they have read, and support it with particulars […]

5 Paragraph Essay

Five paragraph essay Introductory Paragraph Attention-getter Introductory comments Thesis/focus sentence Plan/sequence of three main ideas