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how to write essay

how to write essay

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Here are just a few guidelines that will be helpful when it comes time to how to write essay question.

1.         Allow adequate time to answer the question. By their very design, essay questions can take a considerable amount of time to answer. Earlier in this chapter, we contrasted closed- and open-ended questions, where the nature of the response is restricted or not. Regardless of whether an essay question is closed or open ended (remember, we have to be practical), you need to tell the test taker how much time he or she has to complete the question. And how much time should that be? Keep in mind that essay questions require test lakers to think about, and then write, the response. One strategy is to encourage test takers when they are practicing to plan their response by spending 30%-40% of their time outlining or “”sketching” their response, 4O%-50% of their time writing the response, and then the last 10%-30% rereading what they have written and making any necessary changes.

2. Be sure the question is complete and dear. This one sounds simple and it may indeed be, but sometimes essay questions are not very clear in their presentation. Want to know why? Because it’s not clear what the person writing the question wants to know. For example, here’s an unclear essay question

1. Discuss the impact of the Civil War on the economy of the postwar South.

This not like this question is that poorly designed, but it sure docs not reflect a clear notion of what was learned or what is being assessed. This is the kind of a topic that some historian could write seven volumes about! Look how much more clear the following:

1. Discuss the impact of the Civil War on the economy of the postwar South, taking into account the following factors: reduction in the work force, international considerations, and the changing role of agriculture.

This second example just provides additional direction, which may be exactly what the test taker needs to answer the question more completely.

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Sample essay

sample essay

Following the sample essay is a ‘template’ exercise, where the student is given the shape of the essay, and asked to fill in the details. This is a way of translating understanding of the theory just studied into practice.

Sample essay tests. Sample essay tests require students to organize, integrate, and interpret material, and to express themselves. “Short-Answer and Essay Tests,” for guidelines on creating this type of test. Research indicates that students study more efficiently for essay exams than for multiple-choice tests: students preparing for essay tests locus on broad issues, general concepts, and interrelationships rather than on specific details, and this approach results in somewhat better test performance on all types of exam questions sample essay tests also give instructors an opportunity to comment on students’ progress, the quality of their thinking, the depth of their understanding, and the difficulties they are having. However, because essay tests pose only a few questions, their content validity may be low. In addition, the reliability of essay tests can be compromised by subjectivity or inconsistencies in grading.

A variation of an essay tests asks students to correct sample essay answers. One faculty member uses the following technique: Two weeks before the exam, he distributes ten to twelve essay questions, which he discusses with students in class. For the exam, he selects lour of the questions and prepares well-written but intellectually flawed answers for the students to edit, correct, expand, and refute. The sample essays contain common misunderstandings, correct but incomplete responses, and illogical inferences.

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Essay writing

Essay writing

write essayWhen talking to senior high school and university students, we have found that while most of them are confident about the content of their various subjects, nearly all of them are daunted by the prospect of integrating that knowledge into a well-structured essay which will do justice to their mastery of the subject. Many find essay-writing to be the most difficult aspect of their studies. Even those who are good at essay-writing (and are well advanced in university study) are keen to improve their writing skills and maximize their marks.

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Custom essays on Ethics in International Affairs and Double Standards

The intervention can be morally legitimate, even if the intervention is illegal in terms of current international legislation and norms, when the local government cannot stop military crimes, crimes against humanity and other severe crimes that threaten to many civilians and provoke mass murders or humanitarian catastrophes.
The conflict in Darfur has broken out between representatives of two different ethnic groups, Arab and non-Arab. The former were represented by military and militia and the Sudanese government provided Arab ethnic group with ample financial and technical support, while the rebellious opponents represented black population of Sudan and were severely oppressed by the forces supported by the Sudanese officials.
Moreover, the operations of the militia and military against the rebels were accompanied by numerous murders of the civilian population of Sudan and the victims were non-Arab people, even though they had no relation to clandestine activity or opposition. In this respect, it is possible to refer to the UN data, according to which in the result of conflict 450.000 people died from violence and disease, while Sudan government claims that there had been just 9.000 deaths since the beginning of the conflict (Prunier, 211). Obviously, the official Sudanese data are underestimated, while the data of UN and non-governmental organizations are not very precise because the Sudanese government actively opposes to the investigation of the situation in Darfur by the UN specialists and other non-governmental organizations. In fact, the unwillingness of the Sudanese government to admit foreign observers to the region of the conflict may be viewed as an indirect evidence of the genocide of non-Arab population of Darfur. Continue Reading

Buy essay on Ethics in International Affairs and Double Standards

Today, ethics plays an important part in international affairs but often ethics is the tool of manipulation with the public opinion used by different countries and the UN. In this regard, it is possible to refer to the military conflict in Iraq and the case of genocide in Darfur. On the one hand, the US violated existing legal norms and launched the military operation in Iraq in 2003 to prevent the presumable threat of the use of the weapon of mass destruction by Iraq, regardless of the lack of support and legitimate mandate being granted by the UN and Security Council. On the other hand, the US and the UN had taken highly controversial decisions concerning Darfur recognizing the situation in Darfur as genocide but undertaking no military intervention or other effective international intervention to stop genocide. In this regard, the policy conducted by the US is highly controversial because the US violated legal norms but they started the conflict in Iraq on the ground of moral concerns and above all concerns with their national interests. In this regard, the dilemma arises since, on the one hand, the international intervention can be morally legitimate, whereas, on the other hand, the international intervention can be legally illegitimate. In such a situation, the international community needs to elaborate adequate assessment and policies that could guide actions being undertaken by the UN and international community in case of violation of human rights, war crimes, genocide and other crimes against humanity that put civilians under a threat, while the local government is unable to protect civilians at risk. In such cases, international community should interfere and stop conflicts to secure the position of civilians at risk and to help local government to maintain order and human rights. Continue Reading

Custom essays on Immigrants

the timeless nature of international migration reflects the dynamism of this phenomenon, it is evident that the instability in the world which many experience today and to which the events described above have undoubtedly contributed, has overshadowed the positive aspects of migration to the detriment of individual migrants
“A Seventh Man” is the research of both material circumstances and the spirit’s experience of the migrant workers. This book has appeared in 1975 for a first time, but it is still very up to date, because the immigration continues, although the experiences and expectations of these immigrant workers may be somehow different. The most important aspect of the issue of the immigrant workers experiences is that immigration is spread but it is still excluded from the local culture.
Until recently, Europe was seldom thought of as a continent of significant inward migration. In the United States, by contrast, there has never been any doubt about the centrality of immigration in the history of the nation, a perception encapsulated at a popular level in the notion of the American melting pot. In recent decades, immigration has become a major issue in many west European states.
The first feeling that immigrant worker faces with is the feeling of loneliness, the loss of a home; and also the loss of some important for this persons objects. Everyday objects in a house help people feel at home, and the use of such objects are comforting habits. Even possessions brought from home can be experienced quite differently in the new environment. Continue Reading

Buy essay on Migrant workers

This paper is dedicated to the discussion of the experience of the migrant worker in Europe that is described as the complex combination of the dream and nightmare of the immigrant. It’s interesting how John Berger and Jean Mohr’s work dedicated to migrant laborers contrasts with the shallow perceptions of Western world about them. Taking into account the fact that millions of migrant workers are employed in European countries, it’s obvious that the economics of many countries just aren’t able to exist without their labor, and therefore its quite important for any person to think about its issue, to consider the ways we may help these people by understanding their perception and expectations from the immigrant experience. Do we often think about the reasons why immigrant workers leave their homes and decide to do the work abroad? The search for the better life which at first seems to be a dream come true may soon turn into a nightmare, because of hard work conditions, unjust wages and many other factors that influence the state of mind of immigrant worker. Continue Reading

Buy essay on Should Euthanasia Be Legalized?

Ever since the primitive human communities began to take care of those who were no more able to provide for by their own, humankind has been no more belonging to animal world. Since then neither subject of any monarch (whatever tyrant he be) nor a citizen of any republic has been supposed to be deprived of live not for having some committed act or omission. All the World Religions rest the responsibility for arbitrary deprivation of live exclusively upon God, inasmuch as the ways of His are inscrutable. So shall humans be allowed to assume the God’s role? In fact legalizing euthanasia means exactly that.
The very term “Euthanasia” derives from Greek and is for “good death”. Also known as “mercy killing”, euthanasia is the act of intentionally depriving someone of live or helping some person to die. Basically such interfering with the course of nature is a kind of murder committed under the pretext of compassion. Just the reverse, it encourages abuse offering doctors the right to kill those whose pain they are supposed to relieve. Dr. J. Forest Witten says that euthanasia would offer relatively small group of medics the “power of life and death” over those who are guilty of nothing but of being born or getting ill” (Humphries). Continue Reading

Custom term paper on Evaluating the Research Process

3. What is the data telling us in terms of statistical analysis?
There are two major purposes of using statistics in the social and behavioral studies: for the description of the object and events of the certain study and also for the drawing conclusions about the results that may be used in broader context principal question in inferential statistics is whether an outcome, finding, or observation from a study reflects some underlying phenomenon in the population. (Murphy and Myors, 1998)
The discussed article belongs to the second type of the studies because it provides the public with certain conclusion and may be used as a recommendation for the state policies. It suggests us the statistical hypothesis that: “Despite of household socioeconomic status, children attending public schools have higher BMI than those attending private schools. Eligibility for free or reduced-cost lunch or breakfast programs at public schools is positively correlated with children’s BMI. Children attending public schools are more likely to be overweight. In lower socioeconomic status households, school type does not have a significant effect on the probability of being overweight.” (Li and Hooker, 2010)
But it also indicates that despite its general statistical reliability and significance, it has some limitations; because it was designed in order “to investigate the overall health condition of children at a national level”. (Li and Hooker, 2010) Therefore, authors indicate that there is a need in the further studies relating to the issues childhood weight and health concerns. The authors even point out these important aspects of the general issue that need to be further researched, such as “the number of hours devoted to particular types of sports, and quality of access to parks and recreation facilities could be gathered.” (Li and Hooker, 2010) Continue Reading

Buy essay on Evaluating the Research Process

The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the research process described in the article Li and Hooker “Childhood obesity and schools: evidence from the national survey of children’s health” (2010)
1. How is the literature review used in this research?
The literature review was used in order to present the researched issue mostly in the introductory part and also as he subject of study. The literature review was good and authors of this article have analyzed 32 literary sources in order to present a reliable report. Authors used all types of literary references including general references, secondary sources and primary sources.
First, the literature review was helpful for the preparation as helped authors of research to obtain the general knowledge of the ideas of other researchers interested in the problem of childhood obesity, but Li and Hooker (2010) were focused specifically on the relation between the problem of childhood obesity and the type of schools these children are used attend. The literature review helped to narrow the wide problem of childhood obesity to the specific topic.
Second, the literature review was helpful for the analytical part of the discussed article, because the study is based on the data obtained from the National Survey of Children’s Health (NSCH) conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in 2003 and 2004. Continue Reading

Custom essays on How did the United States relations with the Soviet Union evolve since 1917?

The National Security Directive proclaimed the policy of isolation of the Soviet Union and containment of communism. After the example of the USSR that created communist regimes in Eastern Europe, the United States constructed allied regimes in Japan and West Germany. Most of western countries, including Great Britain, France, Italy, and West Germany joined the US-oriented camp, and thus the NATO alliance was formed. Europe was divided into two parts according to their political and economic convictions. A similar division was observed in Asia. China became a major ally of the Soviet Union, due to the victory of Mao Zedong’s forces over pro-U.S. Chiang Kai-shek. The territory of Korea was occupied and also divided into two parts. As it was stated in up-to-date data, Europe was separated by “iron curtain” and Northeast Asia by a “bamboo curtain”.
The most significant event that happened in 1950s was the threat of intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) that were successfully tested by the USSR in August, 1957. Reacting to such a danger, the USA created a system of anti-missile defense in big cities and started to construct nuclear bombers. Continue Reading

Buy essay on How did the United States relations with the Soviet Union evolve since 1917?

It is known that diplomatic relations between the United States and the Soviet Union were always complicated, as each of the superpowers had an intention to dominate the world. At one moment the states went hand in hand against fascist aggressors, at another moment they aimed the weapons at each other. The analyzed data showed how long it took to establish a stable and effective cooperation between countries, how their relations evolved from the total non-recognition of the USSR as a state from the USA side, to the give-and-take policy.
To begin with, it should be said that at times of the World War I the relations between the Russian empire and the United States were contradictory. At one hand, the countries considered to be allies in the war against Germany, at another hand the United States had to react to the events that were going on the territory of Russia. To be more precise, the revolution that was initiated by the Communist forces –Reds in the lead of Lenin in October 1917. An Anglo-American troop landed to support non-Communists – Whites, but despite their efforts Bolsheviks gained a victory over Whites and a republic was proclaimed. Continue Reading

Executive Summary for a Productivity Term Paper

The term paper How Do Motivation and Communication Relate to Team Productivity and Conflict Resolution? discusses one of the most important issues in human resources management – the issue concerning the vital role of motivation and communication in the process of team productivity and conflict resolution. Today many organizations pay special attention to these issues because effective communication and motivation can improve productivity and performance of any organization. The term paper proves the fact that positive interpersonal relationship between employees provides healthy organizational culture, and the employees’ motivation helps to increase productivity to a great extent.
Moreover, the term paper discusses the basic principles of successful development of interpersonal communication and motivation in the workplace which are based on different strategies. However, it is necessary to take into consideration the fact that each organization has its specificities which can influence the development of employees’ motivation and interpersonal communication. It means that each organization requires its individual approach and should use only those methods which will bring positive results. Continue Reading

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