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how to write essay

how to write essay

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Here are just a few guidelines that will be helpful when it comes time to how to write essay question.

1.         Allow adequate time to answer the question. By their very design, essay questions can take a considerable amount of time to answer. Earlier in this chapter, we contrasted closed- and open-ended questions, where the nature of the response is restricted or not. Regardless of whether an essay question is closed or open ended (remember, we have to be practical), you need to tell the test taker how much time he or she has to complete the question. And how much time should that be? Keep in mind that essay questions require test lakers to think about, and then write, the response. One strategy is to encourage test takers when they are practicing to plan their response by spending 30%-40% of their time outlining or “”sketching” their response, 4O%-50% of their time writing the response, and then the last 10%-30% rereading what they have written and making any necessary changes.

2. Be sure the question is complete and dear. This one sounds simple and it may indeed be, but sometimes essay questions are not very clear in their presentation. Want to know why? Because it’s not clear what the person writing the question wants to know. For example, here’s an unclear essay question

1. Discuss the impact of the Civil War on the economy of the postwar South.

This not like this question is that poorly designed, but it sure docs not reflect a clear notion of what was learned or what is being assessed. This is the kind of a topic that some historian could write seven volumes about! Look how much more clear the following:

1. Discuss the impact of the Civil War on the economy of the postwar South, taking into account the following factors: reduction in the work force, international considerations, and the changing role of agriculture.

This second example just provides additional direction, which may be exactly what the test taker needs to answer the question more completely.

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sample essay

Following the sample essay is a ‘template’ exercise, where the student is given the shape of the essay, and asked to fill in the details. This is a way of translating understanding of the theory just studied into practice.

Sample essay tests. Sample essay tests require students to organize, integrate, and interpret material, and to express themselves. “Short-Answer and Essay Tests,” for guidelines on creating this type of test. Research indicates that students study more efficiently for essay exams than for multiple-choice tests: students preparing for essay tests locus on broad issues, general concepts, and interrelationships rather than on specific details, and this approach results in somewhat better test performance on all types of exam questions sample essay tests also give instructors an opportunity to comment on students’ progress, the quality of their thinking, the depth of their understanding, and the difficulties they are having. However, because essay tests pose only a few questions, their content validity may be low. In addition, the reliability of essay tests can be compromised by subjectivity or inconsistencies in grading.

A variation of an essay tests asks students to correct sample essay answers. One faculty member uses the following technique: Two weeks before the exam, he distributes ten to twelve essay questions, which he discusses with students in class. For the exam, he selects lour of the questions and prepares well-written but intellectually flawed answers for the students to edit, correct, expand, and refute. The sample essays contain common misunderstandings, correct but incomplete responses, and illogical inferences.

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Essay writing

write essayWhen talking to senior high school and university students, we have found that while most of them are confident about the content of their various subjects, nearly all of them are daunted by the prospect of integrating that knowledge into a well-structured essay which will do justice to their mastery of the subject. Many find essay-writing to be the most difficult aspect of their studies. Even those who are good at essay-writing (and are well advanced in university study) are keen to improve their writing skills and maximize their marks.

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Custom research paper on Gender Inequality in Workforce

Part II

The problem of inequality of wages of men and women is extremely important today because women are in a disadvantageous position compared to men. As a result, women are in a disadvantageous position compared to men. In such a situation, the speech aiming at ten employees in Rochester will draw their attention to the problem of the unequal position of women and help women to gain a better, equal position through the support of male employees. The main point of the speech is to persuade male employees to support efforts of female employees to gain better position. Through the civil action or inaction, including strikes, they can force employers to provide equal conditions for men and women in the workplace environment.

In this regard, the use of statistics (see Table 1 and Figure 1) will help to persuade employees to start civil action right now. The plan includes the demand of employees to employers to set equal wages for men and women. If the employer refuses, employees should use the full potential of unions and organize a strike, if necessary, as well as file a lawsuit against the employer.

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Part I

Today, the American society is facing a new stage of development, when the socioeconomic progress have opened the way for many Americans to change their life for better, but still a part of Americans still face inequality, which has persisted since the far past till present days. In this regard, the problem of wages in equality is one of the most challenging problems and one of the most poignant problems of our time. In spite of all the progress, our society has made in the course of the 20th century, today, in the 21st century, the wide gap between men’s and women’s salary persists. You should not think that this problem does not matter here, in Rochester, in your workplace environment. Look around you and you will see that it is men, just like you, young, full of power and enthusiasm, who are working and receive wages, women holding the same position as you cannot even dream about.

How many women do you know, who hold the same position as you and receive as high wages as you do? How many women do you know, who do the same job as you do and less efforts than you do? Or, probably women holding the same position as you do make fewer efforts to work as well as you do? Or, do they work worse than you? Obviously, NO! They work as hard as you do! They do their best to earn money to raise their children and help their families! They are just like you are! But explain me, then, why do they earn less than you do?

Think hard, but you can hardly find any plausible answer to explain such inequality. Just look at the statistics (See Table 1 and Figure 1), you will see that the inequality between men and women persists throughout decades. Since the 1970s till present days, the situation has improved but the improvements are scarce, taking into consideration the change in the social and family life. Modern families are not families as they used to be in the 1970s, for instance. They are not good, old American families anymore (Bonvillain, 1995). Many women have to raise their children without the help of their ex-spouses. The high divorce rate puts women into a desperate position, when they have to earn for living and to maintain their household and children being the only parent in the family and all their earnings are for the family (Hardisty, 1999).

In such a situation, the inequality of wages of men and women in your workplace environment is not just unfair but it is also the manifestation of your indifference to those who you are working with. Think of your own children! Think of your daughters! Would you like them working as hard as women today do to earn less then you earn for doing the same job as women can do? I guess, you would not!

Now, the time to act has come! You should start changing your workplace environment and conditions of work. You should not wait anymore because women cannot change their position in the workplace environment without your assistance. Your benevolence is an essential condition of the elimination of inequality between men and women in the workplace. You should support women and strike, if necessary, to force employers to set equal wages for both men and women. Together – you will win, apart – both men and women will lose.

Buy an essay on Augustine on Grief

Augustine was one of the most prominent theologians, who developed concepts of original sin and just war. However, his philosophy was quite different from the philosophy of others. In this regard, it is possible to refer to his views on grief and its interpretation. In fact, Augustine experienced grief in the course of his life and his personal experience probably had a significant impact on his views on grief. To put it more precisely, Augustine lost his friend, who died unexpectedly, when Augustine had his studies in Aristotle. Augustine was overwhelmed with grief because everything reminded him about his friend and his loss. In such a way, he was just haunted by grief and could not find any escape from it.

However, eventually, he found the solution to his problem and he managed to cope with his grief referring to God. God and Augustine’s faith paved his way to his salvation from grief. Eventually, he arrived to the conclusion that anytime one loves something not in God, one is bound to feel such a loss as Augustine himself experienced when he lost his friend. However, his way to this conclusion was long. In this regard, it is important to refer to Augustine’s reflections on grief and his way to resolution of this problem. In his Confessions, Augustine points out: What makes someone want to be made sad? Why behold doleful tragedies, vicariously experiencing what does not have to be suffered? Yet the spectator wants to feel sorrow at the stories, and this very anguish is pleasure. This seems to be wretched insanity. As more false emotion is elicited by what happens on stage, there is less freedom for one’s own true feelings (Augustine, 2009). In such a way, Augustine implies that grief shows a person the way to truth and true faith. Augustine stands on the ground that it is only when an individual grief he or she can have sincere feelings and he or she can believe in what he or she sees or observes:

The one who watches is not called on to help relieve pain, but only to grieve. More applause is given to the actor who can elicit more grief. If the calamities depicted (whether historical or just made up) do not move the spectator to tears, he goes away disgusted and criticizing. If he is moved to passion, he watches intently and weeps for joy (Augustine, 2009).

At the same time, the salvation from the grief can be found in the grief itself. Paradoxically it sounds but Augustine developed the idea that people can hardly understand what good means, if they did not experience grief and he attempts to show that people do need to have grief, even if they do not like it: Do we really love to grieve? Certainly all want to have joy. No one wants to be miserable. So perhaps it is that we are pleased if we can act with merciful affection. Since mercy cannot exist without passion, we stir our passions for this reason alone (Augustine, 2009).

At the same time, grief becomes one of the core concepts in his philosophy, which often accompanies other feelings including compassion and affection: So shall we avoid all feelings of compassion? Certainly not, nor is it wrong to take up grief out of affection. But be careful of that temptation to impurity. Oh my soul, whose guardian is the exalted God of my fathers, beware of impurity (Augustine, 2009). In such a way, through faith and love of God, Augustine copes with his grief.

However, such a view on grief is quite controversial and can hardly be applied to the real life. In fact, what Augustine did is just a sort of escape from reality. As he focused on faith and his love to God, he did not really forget his dead friend but he rather used an external concept, God, to extrapolate his personal problems on. What is meant here is the fact that Augustine suffered and his grief was overwhelming. He regretted that he was far away, when his friend died and he could not forgive himself that he abandoned his friend and he was not with his friend when he died. However, as his self-blaming became unbearable, he just shifted the responsibility from himself to God. What is meant here is the fact that his devotedness, love and faith to God made himself a mere tool in hands of God. Therefore, his absence, when his friend died, could be explained by the will of God but not as a result of his own actions. In such a situation, the grief of Augustine decreased and he suggested the same remedy from grief to other people recommending them to believe and rely on God, instead of acting responsibly. In this regard, Augustine’s argument is inconsistent because it leads to the situation, when a person can act irresponsibly, whereas grief cannot make a person happy or his life balanced. In contrast, grief can push people to some radical steps, which may contradict to moral and religious norms.

Buy term paper on The History of Central America

Chapter IV Impoverishing Growth (1900-1945)

Main Points:

1 Export economy was the only way out for the fast economic development of all the parts of Central America, strengthening the social order and the dependence to the ruling class (p.98)Coffee export was the leading industry. The model of coffee production was Costa Rica where the technologies of cultivation of coffee were rather high.(p.99)

2 In El Salvador due to high population density and the arrival of Indians from their homelands had too cheap labor.(p.100)The ruling class was formed from the coffee-owners.

Banana production was also an important industry especially in Honduras.(p.102)

3 The railway construction was finished in 1890 and gave the best opportunity to activate the inflow of the foreign capital and trade.(p.102)

4 The power was concentrated in few hands, in the hands of dictators.(p.106) Education and culture were at the low level of development. (p.115) Each part of the Central America had its own differential features of the economic development(p.117-119)

5 The influence of the United States was increased in the 20-th century in the Central America.(p.122)

Critical Questions:

1 What was the main interest of the USA regarding Central America in the 20-th century?(p.124-125)

2 What were the main peculiarities in political and economic systems of five countries of Central America? (p.117-121)


This chapter represents a picture of the Central America at the beginning of the 20-th century. All the countries of the Central America have weakened economies. Although the main export products are coffee and bananas, the labor is ill-paid. The politics is also unstable at that period. Although there are some obvious changes in the politics the life of middle-class is at the low level. Labor unions appeared slowly and the rights of the workers were not protected in the proper way. A lot of people remained illiterate and the government did not pay due attention to the educational system. The military system was also weak. The soldiers were recruited from peasants, they were illiterate and badly paid. The influence of the Unite States was enormous. Coffee and banana industries attracted the United States. Besides the Monroe Doctrine stated that the USA had a civilizing mission in the Western Hemisphere. That is why the USA represented the international police force and had certain interests regarding Central America. There were some other policies which also strengthened relations between the United States and the countries of the Central America.


Custom essay on The History of Central America

Chapter III: In Search of Progress: Independence and the Formation of Nation-States in the 19-th century

Main Points:

1 After a number of rebellions against annexation to Mexico the Congress proclaimed Central America’s complete independence on July 1, 1823. The General Constituent Assembly was declared. The United Provinces of Central America became free from Mexico, Spain and the New World. They adopted their Constitution and were called Federation of Central America.(p.67)

2 Poor communication between regions, free trade, the abolition of slavery, unchanged conditions of life of Indians were the main features of Federation.(p.68)

3 Federal republic had a brief existence. (p.72) Salvador and Guatemala formed their alliance which later was joined with Church.(p.72-73)

4 Freedom of religion, taxation, epidemic of cholera in 1837 weakened political and economical systems. Church had political and ideological influence.(p.75) After 1839 it was clear that the United Central America was an utopian society(p.78)

5 Liberal reforms formed a new social order in all the parts of Central America. Separatism was spread all over the Federation. (p.92)

Critical Questions:

1 What Liberal reforms were proposed by Mariano Galvez? Why didn’t they meet any support of the Church and the Indian Communities? (p.73)

2 What were the threats of foreign intervention in Central America? (p.81)


Having read this chapter I should say that El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Honduras which won independence and formed the Federation of Central America had a lot of difficulties in building the new system. Liberal reforms played an important role in the economical development although they prejudiced the rights of the Indians and the Church. Nevertheless, there were the following features which can easily characterized the nation-states: centralization and the role of political and juridical power, setting the boundaries of the states, formation of military and police forces in each state, adoption of the Constitutions and laws, the growth of bureaucratization and individual interests, cultural integration and creation of national ideology by means of public education. The utopian idealism which was found in the Central America during the period of Independence and Federation was substituted by pragmatic positivism. Two different people who were the reformers Maximo Jerez in Nicaragua and Justo Rufino Barrios in Guatemala represent two contrasting approaches for their reform systems. The first one was honest and even became the symbol of Morazan legacy. He fought against Conservatives but was defeated in 1863. The second one could form a dictatorial government, strong control of the police and constitution. Of course, such model could have success for the future development of the Central America.

Buy an essay on professional nurses


Currently almost all countries report the lack of professional nurses. Technically, this is happening due to better healthcare and growing number of elder people (Cowen & Moorhead, 2006). However, the reasons why the society is lacking nurses are not purely technical – nursing profession involves a lot of stress, requires proficiency in many areas of knowledge, and, what is most important, this profession is appropriate only for those people who share the spirit of nursing. A person cannot simply perform the necessary medical operations to become a good nurse, because nursing, above all, means unconditional care for the patient, readiness to help and devotion. Nursing is rather a calling, than a profession. At the same time, it is very rewarding, and the process of helping people to recover, being able to lead them into a new, healthy life is what inspires me in my learning process and gives energy to continue professional development.

Changes of personal development plan

A month ago I have created a personal development plan, where I indicated my short-term and long-term career goals as well as steps required to accomplish these goals. After passing several exams such as dosage calculation and ATI Pharmacologyon and moving further in my profession, I have realized that this plan needs some amendments and that several steps and techniques should be added.

My short-term career goals have not changed, and I have come to the conclusion that I should already start looking for the place where I could practice as a medical-surgical nurse. Thus, one of the steps to be added to the plan is the search of a hospital or a clinic where I could practice my nursing skills after passing the national board exam.

In addition to this, I decided to expand my long-term goals and decided to include the Operating Room Nurse Certification Exam into this set of goals. This exam covers such areas as nursing concepts, body issues, and patient care issues, and requires at least 2 years of nursing experience (Dossey & Keegan, 2008). I am planning to combine working as medical-surgical nurse and preparing for this exam. One more issue to add to long-term goals is the search of a preparatory program for this exam (which is likely to be found at medical faculties of educational institutions (Dossey & Keegan, 2008).

Factors influencing the realization of the plan

I have already started implementing my short-term career goals such as passing the tests and examinations, and I am highly motivated to follow my personal development plan in future. Currently I am preparing for the rest of the exams and, most of all, for the national board exam. After passing two exams, I have realized that in addition to effective learning techniques, I need to develop methods for refreshing knowledge. After discussions with my groupmates, I have decided to use visual memorizing schemes and to write short theses for every theme and subject. Also, I have found out that I need more hands-on experience with core nursing skills, and I plan to devote more time to working with mannequins and operating in simulated environments close to real working conditions (Cowen & Moorhead, 2006). This step is also added to my personal improvement plan.

In order to implement my plan, I will also need certain support of my family and school. I would like to join a highly motivated learning group in order to exchange knowledge and experience, practice advanced nursing skills and learn new medical approaches. Currently I have not identified such a group, and I might need school support to research what advanced activities are taking place, and what is required to participate in these learning groups. For reaching my long-term career goals, I also need financial support of my family, since I will have to devote a lot of time to improving my clinical skills and preparing for the certification.

Planning for obstacles

One of possible obstacles in reaching my objectives are financial problems. In case of another recession or negative events in my family financing problems might emerge. In this case, I will devote more time to working as a nurse or helping in hospitals and clinics, saving money for further learning, and will have to expand the time frame allotted to the points of the plan. However, in case of financial problems I will still accomplish my goal, although it will happen later than expected.

Also, if my family status changes, I’ll have to devote more time to the family, and it will also cause a certain time delay in continuing my education and taking the certification exams. However, in this case I would continue working as a nurse and developing my practical skills according to personal development plan, and will also apply these skills for helping my family, if such a need appears.

It is not possible to foresee all potential obstacles, but I am sure that I will stay devoted to the nursing profession, and will be driven to become a better professional because nursing inspires me and gives the passion to help people and to do it in the best way.


Before choosing the nursing profession the term “spirit of nursing” seemed rather profession-related to me. After starting my professional development, and especially during practical sessions I have realized that nursing is more than medications and skills, it is a certain worldview, and it requires a great love and care for all human beings, and huge willingness to help. “Nursing is an art”, said Florence Nightingale (Timby, 2008), and I completely agree with her. The spirit of nursing is that driving force that moves me to become better in my profession, and to devote all my heart and soul to helping people.

Custom written Critical Essay on Stephen King’s Mute

Stephen King is considered to be the most popular author of horror fiction because of knows how to tap into the fear of the reader. The combination of the traditional gothic tale elements with the modern genres elements, such as science fiction, detective and a psychological thriller can be seen in his works. Speaking about the language, King’s short fictions are written in colloquial language, including realistic settings along with the attention to emotional and physical states. We can also see that the contemporary problems are emphasized.

It is known that King has written a lot of works that are worth not only reading but also speaking about.

However, I would like to stop at one of his latest works- a short story named “MUTE” that appeared for the first time in Playboy Magazine in 2007 and then it was included in his collection Just After Sunset in 2008. It is a short story with the main character is a traveling salesman named Monette. Monette tells the story of his marriage ending, being in a confessional for the first time within a long period o time.


It should be also mentioned that the theme of traveling appears not only in this story in King’s books. In addition, the “MUTE” is his second story where the main character is a traveling salesman. While “All That You Love Will Be Carried Away” is a also short story in “Everything’s Eventual”, whose main character is Alfie Zimmer, a mysterious traveling salesman who is believed to suicide. Zimmer spends the evening reviewing his graffiti phrases book that was found while he was traveling.
However, if you look through some facts about Stephen King’s earlier life, you will see that his father was also a traveling salesman and he left his family when King was a small boy. So, it has become clear why King often uses the theme of traveling.
Anyway, Monette in “MUTE” sitting on the confessor’s, cannot help re-reading a small sign while being the confession saying, “For all have sinned and fallen short of God’s glory.”


We can see that the priesthood and the sin words along with the church language are used in the story, featuring various sacred talks, and we can suppose that he is trying to be connected to the God-man, or he just tempts him with his exciting stories.


Anyway, the main character begins to explain that he hasn’t confessed for many years. Then he priest gently asks Monette to finish his confession as his friends are coming for lunch. His friends know that he is doing God’s work, but, however, it wouldn’t be nice of him to keep them waiting.

After that Monette tells his story beginning with that driving along the Maine highway, he picked up a hitchhiker and he looked like deaf and mute as he was holding a sign saying, “I am mute”. Despite the fact that he had never picked up a hitchhiker before, he sees the sign and stops. The man fast fell asleep but Monette accepted him both deaf and mute, decided to speak about his problems even though they will be unheard as he believed it would be easier after having spoken his troubles.


In addition, Monette adds that some time before picking that man up he had discovered that his 26 year-old wife had been cheating on him with a teacher, being much older and working with her. And besides, she began going drinking and became addicted to playing the lottery. Started to embezzle from her employer, she wanted to get different erotic underwear and sex toys. Of course, her embezzlement amount grew but his wife and her lover believed that they could pay the money back if they would win the lottery, so they have embezzled more than sum of more that a hundred thousand dollars but hadn’t win anything. Moreover, they had embezzled the money from the Maine Board of Education, and she told all to Monette and even blamed him for that because; as she was sure it was his lack of interest that had put her to it.


Monette was in disbelief when he heard that but moreover, he was depressed not only about the fact that she was cheating him, but because she hadn’t shown any shame, regrets or embarrassment.


Monette went on speaking to the sleeping hitchhiker and he told how angry he was at her behavior and irresponsibility and began thinking how would this debt affect their daughter who was a college student and surely she was unaware of her mother’s affairs. It is interesting to mention that for the first time the main character confesses to a stranger but not to a church.


Then he decided to stopping at a rest stop, and having told the hitchhiker that he would return soon came to the bathroom. However, when he came back he didn’t see the hitchhiker. The hitchhiker had gone, and he had stolen nothing valuable but only one thing – the medallion of St. Christopher. Monette explains that it is the saint patron of the travelers and he has had during his years of travel while driving millions of miles. After that Monette didn’t think about that event, but within two days the police called and told him that there had been two murders and his wife with her lover were found dead in a hotel room. The police think it’s the hitchhiker who has done Monette such a favor and now they are now looking for him.


Having heard such a mysterious story, the priest is horrified but intrigued and he wants to know the aftermath. Monette, in his turn, retells why he is sure that the hitchhiker was not deaf and heard everything he had told that night. The main hero also suggests that that man looked at the car and found out his address then perhaps he had tracked down his wife and her lover.

It is possible that the hitchhiker was behind this as one day when he came home, he found his medallion on the desk and there was also a note saying Thank you for the ride.


In addition, Monet denies the fact that he had encouraged the hitchhiker to kill his wife, and we can see the element of irony in the seditious question asked by Monet: “Do not you think that this is God himself put him in my car?” Besides, he doesn’t disguise the fact that he is satisfied with her death and he is happy by the fact he has an alibi and now he can pay for his daughter’s tuition with the life insurance. The priest tells that nobody can be satisfied by somebody’s death and tells him to pray and he will be forgiven.


Anyway, this story may be regarded as a real masterpiece of the short stories including a really skilful narration (tri-focal form of narration) and featuring a lot of literary devices. The terminology is wise, featuring a deaf-mute and not belittling. Besides, I want to emphasis that the vocabulary used here seems to me higher than in his short stories that I have read.


I think that despite the fact that the story begins when the main character is in the confession, we soon find out that he confessed to a stranger before. However, King uses the church language quite a lot, as if he wants to be connected to the God-man, or maybe he is just trying to tempt him with such stories.

In addition, the end of the story is rather interesting and it twists the religious guilt. And Monet asks the priest the seditious question: “Do not you think that this is God himself put him in my car?”, and the answer to pray and he would be forgiven. These are two aspects where we can surely see the irony.
Nevertheless there is one thing that doesn’t goes away from my head. Having looked at the illustrations or photos of the story we could see one of the priest on his side of the confession booth and Monette on his. Look carefully at Monette and you will find out that he wears the same old clothes as the hitchhiker, and carrying a sign saying “Mute”. That is why I may suggest that the hitchhiker and Monette is the same person. Maybe it was he who killed his wife and her lover and one more thing why should the hitchhiker disappear so fast when Monette is in the restroom. As for me, I don’t see any reasons why he would have this deaf-mute’s sign?


So, I may say that it is a nice story to read that makes you think, grabbing you from the very beginning and not letting go until you have finished it.


Custom research paper on 500 Nations

Chicasaw – Indian tribes who formed the Chicasaw Nation and were removed from their native lands but they received some financial compensation from the US for their lands. Many of them died from dysentery during the Trail of Tears, their way to the new lands in 1837.

Cherokee- Indian tribes which formed the Cherokee Nation, the largest among all the Native Americans tribes, about 300,000 people. They assimilated the culture and traditions of European settlers.

Creek- Creek Indians joined with British in order to get British assistance and to stop American expansion westward.

Seminole – Indian tribes who settled in Florida in the 18-th century, Seminole wars led to their removal to the west.

Trail of Tears was an act of genocide towards the American Indians who lived in the southeastern parts of the USA and had to move to the Indian Territory from their homelands. The removal included Cherokee, Creek, Seminole and Choctaw nations. Many Indians died on the way to the new lands. They suffered from unknown to them diseases and starvation.

Major Ridge – a leader of Cherokee Nation in the state of Georgia. He betrayed Indians and led to the Trail of Tears. According to the Treaty of New Echota he forced the Cherokee who occupied their lands in the southeastern part of the USA to move to the Indian territory.

John Ross was a leader of the Cherokee Native American Nation who was elected by the Indians. He fought against removal and led his people to exile in Oklahoma. He witnessed the brutality of American soldiers towards Indians.

Cherokee Nation v. Georgia – is a United States Supreme Court case. Cherokee Nation was against the laws adopted by the state Georgia which denied its rights concerning the boundaries.

Worcester v. Georgia- is a case in which the Supreme Court of the United States vacated Samuel Worcester’s conviction which prohibited non-Indians to be present on the lands of Indians if they did not have a special license given by the state.

Buy term paper on 500 Nations

500 Nations is a very interesting documentary which gives us an opportunity to explore the history of indigenous people who lived in the Northern and Central America. This documentary studies the period from Pre-Columbian times to the period of European colonization.

Westward Migration/Manifest Destiny : the Native Americans were treated ill and they were pushed to the West. They had less land. It is known that before expansion Natives never fought with each other. They had large territories of land. Many Indians moved but many of them were killed.

Tenskwatawa known as a prophet is one of Shawnee Indians. His family thought that he was dead but he recovered consciousness and told that the Master of Life, an Indian deity visited him. The Master of Life told that the Indians should give up all the products and customs of the whites such as alcohol, guns. The Master of Life promised to drive the whites from the Indian lands.

Tecumseh was a Shawnee Indian who became the greatest leader of Indians. He was a warrior. He fought for the freedom of Indians, he wanted to protect the land which belonged to Indians. In 1800s he decided to form confederacy in order to unite all the Indians but it was ruined and Tecumseh was killed in the fight with American Army led by William Henry Harrison in 1813.

Prophets Town was named after Wabokieshiek or White Cloud. He was a prophet. Wabokieshiek was a so called adviser to Black Hawk who with his followers – the Sauk Indians took part in the Black Hawk war.

War of 1812-Military actions between the United States and Great Britain.

William Henry Harrison- an American military leader who fought against Shawnee Indians and who attacked their village Prophets town in 1811 and at the battle of Tippecanoe he destroyed it.

Andrew Jackson-an American military leader who led more that two thousand soldiers against the Creek Indians in 1812.

Five Civilizes Tribes- a confederation of North American Indians which was formed in 1859 and made an Indian territory. It consisted of the following tribes: Choctaw, Chicasaw, Cherokee, Creek, Seminole. They were called civilized because they adopted to the whites’ rules. In 1830 they were deported from their homelands to the east of Mississippi River.

Choctaw Indian tribes who lived in the southeastern part of the USA throughout the east of the Mississippi River, were also relocated to the Indian territory.

How to write Memo, sample

Reason for the Memo:

This memo addresses the positives and the negatives for the proposal concerning digital communication system and presents some recommendations to Mr.Milford. The recommendations represent some relevant organizational theories and some appropriate management techniques.

Main body:

I’d like to represent some information concerning the use of digital communication system. I think that this system has much more advantages comparing with “old-school” face to face approach. May be you, Mr.Milford, will be not satisfied with my proposal but I am sure that you will change your point of view after reading this memo.

Everybody knows that communication is a vital thing for any organization. According to Webster Dictionary communication is a process by which any information can be exchanged between the individuals through common systems of signs, behavior and symbols. In our enlightened age we have a great deal of opportunities which make it easier to do business. I mean to carry out negotiations, to give orders, to check the fulfilled work of employees, to receive replies and so on. We know that about “50-90% of manager’s time is spent communicating”. (Bauer, Erdogan, 177)

Communication performs three major functions within any successful organization which include “coordination, transmission of information and sharing emotions and feelings”. (Bauer, Erdogan, 178)

It really is a very important issue for us.

I ‘d like to represent the positives and the negatives of my proposal concerning the use of digital communication in our company.

The positives of Digital Communication:

  • First of all it is fast and easier than face to face approach. You will have an opportunity to perform all your duties without leaving your office room.
  • It is not necessary to waste any paper. It is a cost cutting in our company.
  • All the messages can be stored in the device for a long time. It means that they cannot be damaged or lost.
  • One of the most important advantages of digital communication is that it can be done over the large distances through Internet. There is no need to go somewhere in order to carry out negotiations with your partners. Everything can be done without delay. It saves both your time and costs for your business trip.
  • Digital communication is not too expensive. The work which is usually done by several employees can be easily performed by one person. It is also a cost cutting.
  • There is no problems with translating business papers into other languages by means of software. It is also a cost cutting. There is no need to call a translator.
  • Such facilities as video conferences will help to organize work in a proper way, to be always in touch with employees and to save a lot of time, money and efforts.

Of course, there are some negatives of digital communication but these points can be easily jumped in case of correct operation and attentiveness.

Some Negatives of Digital Communication:

  • The messages cannot be recognized by signatures that is why it is not so reliable. Nevertheless you will always have a chance to get in touch with the person via Internet and learn all the relevant information from him.
  • Sometimes the messages can be sent at an impulse – with the click of the mouse but in this case attentiveness should be on the first place to avoid some misunderstandings.

The above mentioned data gives us an opportunity to realize that digital communication has greater advantages over the face to face communication. Nevertheless, I’d like to represent some recommendations concerning the constant use of digital communication in our company.


  • It will be better to combine the use of digital communication and face to face approach in the work as it will help to avoid the employees relaxation. You may call the employee to your office room spontaneously. It will make the employees be more responsible to their direct duties.
  • It will be better to pay attention to communication channels which vary in their information richness. I mean to use more frequently those information channels which have high information richness such as videoconferencing, telephone conversations, sometimes face to face conversations and those information channels which have medium information richness such as e-mails, written letters and memos. (Bauer, Erdogan, 191)
  • It will be better to pay special attention to the ethics in communication between employees in order to put the company on the high level which is necessary to held the company’s image. (Bauer, Erdogan, 196)
  • Cross-cultural communication up to the mark also plays an important role in the business success of the company. Multicultural identity of individuals in our company can lead to miscommunications and misunderstandings. (Bauer, Erdogan, 197)
  • It is necessary to avoid information overload of the employees who will have no opportunity to represent their own ideas and proposals.
  • It will be better to pay attention to gender differences which can hinder the development of good relations in the group.

In conclusion, I should say that I hope my proposals concerning the use of digital communication in our company will interest you as our company is struggling financially and needs to cut costs.

Hope to get your feedback soon.


Best Regards,

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